Yulu Unstoppable Campaign

Yulu Bikes
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Yulu is one of the pioneers of shared sustainable mobility in India. They started with the cycle and now have changed the face of shared mobility with an ergonomic electric bike. Our work for Yulu started with the launch of the brand and cascaded into campaigns to highlight the innovative electric scooter, Miracle and its use cases.
Award 2020
Afaqs Foxglove Awards - National Bronze & Regional Silver
Best Digital Brand Video - Yulu Unstoppable
Award 2020
NYX Video Awards - Gold
Commercial Ad ( Transportation ) - Yulu Unstoppable
Award 2020
NYX Video Awards - Silver
Commercial Ad ( Under USD 10000 ) - Yulu Unstoppable
The Unstoppable campaign rose out of intense brainstorming and research. We used data the team at Yulu gave us as well as surveys to determine the target audience and their pain points. We aimed at focusing on the convenience of predictability of Yulu and the ease of availability for the target audience. The ulterior motive of this campaign was to communicate the benefits and induce trial of a cost-effective and convenient sustainable mobility mode of transport that solves first and last-mile problems.